myFirst CareBuds

myFirst CaureBuds

Earbuds designed for kids

The myFirst CareBuds are the perfect combination of fun and safety for kids.

85db Max Volume

Smart Transparency

Easy Touch Control

Kid-sized Comfort

85db Max Volume

The myFirst CareBuds are designed with the safety of young children in mind. With a maximum volume of 85db, these earbuds are specifically engineered to ensure that kids won’t be able to turn up the volume to potentially harmful levels.

Smart Transparency Mode

myFirst CareBuds also have a unique feature that automatically switches them to transparency mode when the earbuds detect body movement. This is a crucial safety feature for kids, as it allows them to hear their surroundings while walking on the road or engaging in other activities.

Easy Touch Control​

The myFirst CareBuds come with user-friendly touch controls that make it easy for kids to play and stop music, pick up and end phone calls, and manually activate the transparency mode. This feature enables children to operate the earbuds with ease and convenience, without having to fumble with complicated buttons or controls.

Experience Clearer Audio

The new ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) Microphone in CareBuds uses special algorithms to cancel out background noise and improve voice quality during calls. This technology also helps to save battery life, so kids can enjoy listening to music or stories safely and comfortably, even in noisy places.

Kid-size Comfort

The myFirst CareBuds are designed with the comfort and fit of children in mind. They come with six different sizes of ear tips, ranging from large to extra small, ensuring a perfect fit for all ages of kids. With the right size ear tips, the myFirst CareBuds stay securely in place and provide a comfortable listening experience for hours on end. This feature ensures that kids can wear the earbuds comfortably and safely, without the risk of them falling out or causing discomfort.

Anti-Lost Strap

The myFirst CareBuds have an anti-lost strip to prevent loss, which kids can attach to the earbuds for added security.

Convenient Earbuds Access

Feature a unique design with a slope inside the case, allowing kids to effortlessly take out the earbuds whenever they want to use them.

Handy Strap

Come with a handy strap that kids can attach to the case, making it easy to carry around.

Easy Left & Right Earbuds Orientation

Left and right earbuds are easy to identify as soon as you open the case, making it simple to put them in the correct ear.

Tech Specs

Each Earbud
• Dimension: 19*19*36.65mm
• Net weight: 5g, 0.17oz
• Battery capacity: 45mAh
• Battery life: 6 hours
• Battery model: LIR1054
• Charging time: 1.5 hours
• Connection distance: 15m
• Water resistance: IPX4

Charging Case
• Dimension: 56*50*26mm
• Net weight: 45g, 1.60oz
• Battery capacity: 400mAh
• Battery life: 25 hours
• Charging time: 1.5 hours • USB-C charging: DC 5V
• Water resistance: IPX2

What's in the box

• myFirst CareBuds
• Stickers
• Anti-loss lanyard
• Hand lanyard
• Ear tips
• Type-C cable