Best Smartwatch for Kids: How to choose?

Smartwatches are the new trend in the world of technology. They’re not only convenient but also come with entertaining applications. If you were looking for the perfect gift for your kids, here is an option that will amaze them.

As adults, there are smartwatches specific for kids. Tuned to fit their age group, they come with a fun application that will entertain your child. With that said, here is a guide you can rely on when choosing a smartwatch for your kid:

Benefits of Kids Having Smartwatches

Have you ever owned a smartwatch? Then you know the convenience and practicality of having one. Similarly, kids appreciate the same experience, especially if they’re young and not responsible enough to own a smartphone. Further, smartwatches are tied securely on their wrist, therefore, they’re less likely to be misplaced.

What’s more, they’re inexpensive protecting your wallet and they’ve limited access to unfit contents. Also, many applications in smartwatches-for-kids are educational as compared to those in smartphones. And most importantly, they accommodate kids of all ages including toddlers.

Key Features to Consider when choosing a Smartwatch for Kids

  • Age Appropriateness

This is the part where you need to pay close attention, especially to manufacturer instructions or recommendations. Smartwatches also have an age limit when it comes to type or model that kids can use. While purpose plays a critical role, you’ll need an option that guarantees the age-appropriateness of the device content.

That said, gifting a toddler a smartwatch meant for teenagers isn’t ideal. And that’s because they don’t have enough skills and knowledge to use it. Also, it may contain applications that are unsuitable for their age. With that said, take into account the age of your kid before choosing a specific smartwatch for them.

  • 2-way Communication

Do you feel the need to communicate with your kids from time to time? Well, a smartwatch with two-way communication will be essential. Such devices operate just like a normal phone. That means your kid can also call you. Smartwatches with phone capabilities also support the exchange of messages. Again, this device has to be SIM card enabled.

Further, most smartwatches control or setting is done from a specific application you download on your phone (Android or iOS). Thanks to that, you can determine which contacts they can call or include in the phonebook.

  • Battery Life

A smartwatch with a battery that needs recharging after a few hours kills the fun of this device. Sometimes, it can lead to frustration, especially if the kids are focused on using it. It’s even worse if you’re using it to track your kids’ location. Therefore, ensure the smartwatch can at least hold the charge for an entire day.

Another important point to note is the charging instruction. Some smartwatches can hold the charge longer, but only after you adhere to the charging instruction. Therefore, read the instructions first before using them. Please note, a poor mode of charging can compromise the battery life. Therefore, you must take this point seriously.

  • SOS Button

This is a desirable and practical feature that shouldn’t miss in your kid’s smartwatch. The SOS button works like a power switch. By pressing the button in certain sequences, for instance, long press, it calls or notifies specific emergency numbers. 

  • Waterproof and Dustproof

Kids are always playful. As a result, chances of them plunging their hands along with the watch in dust or water are high. To prevent dust and water damage on this device, it’s important to get one that’s resistant to both.

  • GPS Tracking

This is an essential feature especially if your kids have just gained independence to be out in your absence. Also, if you are a parent of younger kids, this feature is a must-have. It will allow you to keep tabs on your kids at all times. So whether they’re on playdates or home alone, the tracker shows you their current location.

If you choose GPS tracking as one of the key factors, then this device must be SIM card-enabled. This will allow you to link the tracking app on the watch with your Smartphone for easy tracking. You may also find smartwatches with advanced tracking features. Some of them support location alerts and geo-fencing, for thorough tracking. Therefore, if your kid goes beyond a particular range or fence, you’ll get a notification.

  • Durability

Let’s face it kids are quite rough when it comes to handling things whether they’re toys or not. Thus, to avoid going back to the shop over and over, choose a smartwatch with a tough and durable body frame. It should be able to survive rough handling by the toddlers. For starters, examine the wristband and ensure its securely fixed in place. The build material must also be durable and resistant to tear.

Besides the wristband, the casing is an important feature to consider. It should be able to absorb impact without giving in. To confirm the durability well, research the products review, and view the parents’ comments.

  • Ease of Use

Please note, you’re getting this device for your child, therefore, simplicity when it comes to using is paramount. The child must be able to navigate around various features and applications this device comes with.

Getting Started

With the help of the above checklist, choosing the right smartwatch for your kids is pretty simple. However, the overwhelming part is finding a reliable source. And this is where myFirst comes in handy. They have exclusive options when it comes to impressive technological gifts for children. Reach out, to find the best smartwatch for kids.

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